A safer future is everybody’s responsibility:

How we’re continuing our mission for change

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At last year’s STOP Domestic Violence Conference, Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association (ANZMHA) and Attenti combined  to demonstrate our commitment to ‘Strong Words – Stronger Actions’  by demonstrating a tangible solution that protects victims and their children.

The featured equipment + alarm + alcohol equipment supported by Attenti’s 24×7 specialist monitoring operators have been combined to provide a package to ANZMHA members who seek

  • protection for victims and children in their care
  • to demonstrate the progress of behavioural change their programmes have developed

Voluntary and Enforcement initiated programmes are an area of speciality for Attenti who work with Justice and Social sectors in 30 countries and have over 400 monitoring programmes that contribute to family and community safety.

How do you access this programme?

Contact Heather Robertson: HRobertson@attentigroup.nz



1. Equipment and monitoring services:

Attenti have set aside a quantity of:
  • The dynamic two piece equipment that continuously measures the distance between victim and aggressor. This equipment was featured at the 2021 STOP Domestic Violence Conference and is referred to in the technology section of ANROWS 2018
  • Standalone Victim Alert Unit for those who need to emergency intervention
  • Alcohol monitoring equipment
  • A dedicated team of specialist domestic violence and alcohol operators in their monitoring centre who provide 24×7 alert response


2. Funding and Resources:

  • Attenti subsidies
  • Grant writers for public and private funding applications
  • Project Coordinators to work with your organisation, victims and aggressors on the programme and Attenti and ANZMHA
  • Monitoring and progress measurements managed by Project Coordinators
  • Independent Research Organisation with specialist experience in Domestic Violence, Addiction and Mental Health


3. How the progress and results will be made available to members:

ANZMHA Members will gain first access to results through

  • Regular monthly updates from ANZMHA and Attenti
  • Milestone Webinars
  • Stop Domestic Violence Conference December 2022
  • The Independent Research and Evaluation Organisation

Who are Attenti?

Attenti are a global organisation who provide technology and services to Government sectors and support agencies. In 30 countries for over 25 years we have created technological advances and patents that support our mission to create a positive social impact through programmes that keep families together and communities safe.

Details of our work within the ANZ Social Sectors is detailed on https://attentigroupanz.com/

Who are ANZMHA?

The Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association is a non-government, non-for-profit association designed to unite mental health leaders since its inception in 1999. Their mission is to serve and support a community of passionate mental health workers through education, awareness and advocacy.

Membership is free for anyone to join. Find out more: https://anzmh.asn.au

For information on whether this programme would be suitable for your organisation, and how you can join, contact us direct: HRobertson@attentigroup.nz