Rehab facilities in NSW & VIC have recorded a huge backlog of people waiting for available beds which has been exacerbated by the pandemic and ongoing lockdowns in Australia.

There is no shortage of evidence demonstrating the link between alcohol consumption and crime. With the current pandemic it is no surprise that alcohol usage has increased, exacerbated by stay-at-home orders.

Courts evaluating cases linked to alcohol abuse face limited options for monitoring and enforcing sobriety if released on bail. Sure, the Court’s can stipulate restrictions on entering licenses premises or random alcohol testing, but there is only one definitive way to monitor abstinence – with the continuous alcohol monitoring device.

  • No wearer participation required
  • Detects even trace amounts of alcohol in the wearers sweat 
  • Specialised analysts confirm any non-compliance or tampering in admissible court statements and evidence.

Attenti, partnered with AMS, have this life-changing technology at hand – so lets put it to use.