As the caseload for Private Bail grows we can’t forget its purpose:  to enable untried defendants the option of avoiding long periods in remand, to remain with their families and reduce the strain on the remand system which is currently well above its maximum limits. 

I joined this industry nine years ago, and spent the last five with Attenti moving from the UK to NZ and now here in Australia managing the bail program in NSW & VIC – learning and growing along with the program itself.

When I began our caseload was small, our program was unfamiliar to the Courts and there were prominent misconceptions regarding the technology.

Education on what the equipment doesn’t do almost became as important as what it does do.

Misconceptions and misinformation are detrimental to the use of technology’s capabilities. For us, it was important to show where it is most effective, who it will benefit and what makes it reliable.

Through this time we’ve seen myths exploded and increased confidence by the courts in the robustness of the equipment. In these years I’ve seen technology become incredibly smart, interesting, and importantly assist with changing and saving lives.