“The social or institutional climate can potentially facilitate the successful rehabilitation of the inmate or it can hinder their progress” Peter Hall, 2018.

How do correctional services walk the tightrope of justice and reform for offenders and their families … while at the same time acknowledging and supporting victims and protecting public safety?

It is a big mandate for Corrections – with conflicting compliances and requirements that are interwoven with human needs.

Where technology can contribute is by providing smart alternatives to incarceration for those whose profile indicates rehabilitation can be effective, enabling not only reductions in prison costs, but social welfare costs. It keeps families together promoting a social support network enhancing the rehabilitation process.

There is also a punitive element; their freedom is still limited in accordance with conditions imposed by the Court. 

It is finding those methods, technology, therapies that can master this delicate balance of correction vs punishment and it is great to be part of one of those programs that can facilitate these objectives.