‘A safer future is everybody’s responsibility: How we’re continuing our mission for change.

Last week we  announced the special partnership with Attenti that will bring to organisations of ANZMHA members the equipment that was tested by DV professionals at the 2021 Stop Domestic Violence Conference.


The featured equipment + alarm + alcohol equipment supported by Attenti’s 24×7 specialist monitoring operators have been combined to provide a pull package to those members who seek

  • protection for victims and children in their care
  • to demonstrate the progress of behavioural change their programmes have developed


Voluntary and Enforcement initiated programmes are an area of speciality for Attenti who work with Justice and Social sectors in 30 countries and have over 400 monitoring programmes that contribute to family and community safety.  https://attentigroupanz.com/


Visit https://attentigroup.com.au/a-safer-future-is-everybodys-responsibility/ to see how your organisation can qualify for entry into this programme, its grant access, project management resources and the independent research programme. Or, contact us directly at HRobertson@attentigroup.nz.


Don’t feel your organisation is too small or too large to be considered for this opportunity.  It will start small, and slowly add numbers as the year progresses.


And for all ANZMHA members – you will have a front row seat!

Review updates through releases and Webinars through the year culminating with a special presentation at 2022 Stop Domestic Violence Conference.