This is a true-life, powerful statement from a victim of domestic violence on how technology solutions have saved her life.

*Sarah had only known the man who would terrorise her, for three months. Three years later she was still trying to escape his violence and his stalking.

Sarah was able to use Attenti’s domestic violence prevention technology as part of a special family violence programme which was enforced by the courts in her *country.

That technology, she says, was literally a life saver and has paved the way for her to regain control of her life.

She now knows she is safe when stepping foot outside – something she couldn’t say during her three years of hell. 

A recent Attenti webinar was hugely successful helping attendees to understand the impacts of the Covid pandemic on domestic violence across a global scale. 

Interestingly, the statistics of each country mirrored each other in terms of victims’ ability to access social services or police help during the height of the pandemic.

Attenti has this family violence protection technology – now we just need to get more people using it.

*Name and other details changed or withheld to protect the victim