Attenti continue to support ANZMH’s contribution to stopping domestic violence.

As a sponsor of their 2019 conference, and from 1-3 December  this year we join with them to add to their ‘Strong Words, Stronger Actions’ by putting our domestic violence equipment on the line by demonstrating the equipment with participants who have volunteered to take the roles of aggressors and victims.

‘Why should Victims be Victimised twice?’ calls for agencies to join with us in recognising that Victims and their children continue to suffer the fear of violence even after having achieved a Protection Order or ADVO.

The equipment being utilised for the demonstration with conference volunteers is being used internationally to track the proximity of aggressor to victims.

It enables authorities to intervene with an aggressor prior to them reaching the victim, while at the same time assisting the victim reach a place a safety.

Our partnership with ANZMH provides a unique opportunity for conference participants to experience the equipment for themselves and we commend their initiative in living up to their ‘Strong Words, Stronger Actions’ commitment.