Attenti are proud to partner with ANZMHA in their initiative to bring tangible solutions to NGO’s and charities who protect victims of domestic violence, and contribute to change in aggressor behaviour.

Organisations stretched by the increase in domestic violence may qualify for access to different types of protective technology and services.

Details are available at  –

But Attenti have not built this alone.   We are also grateful to those who have offered their expertise to support the programme.  Professionals with domestic violence, financial and business organisational skills, whose experience and reputations will add to the ANZMHA-Attenti partnership.

What ANZMHA have started is gathering momentum and provides access for domestic violence organisations who would have considered such resources to be out of their reach.

So if you are working in one such organisation in Australia or New Zealand –  visit or simply send an email to

Let’s get the ball rolling and continue the mission for change …