Live Trial commenced today!

ANZMH’s ‘Strong Words, Stronger Actions’  Event is now being tested by the three teams who volunteered to participate in the live trial of domestic violence equipment which commenced this morning.  Their experiences will form part of the event on Day 1 of the Conference.

The teams are now being monitored on Attenti’s bilateral equipment which assists keep perpetrators and victims apart by measuring their proximity to each other and alerting the monitoring centre when they approach the stipulate zones. 

Each team chose who would be the victim, and who would be the perpetrator.  The Receiver Units were fitted onto the legs of each of the perpetrators, and the victims alarm devices active.  The trial is now underway.

The teams quickly got into the spirit of the trial, with both perpetrators and victims entering the proximity and alarm zones, and being ‘managed’ by the monitoring centre operators who action the alerts.

Over the next three days they will continue to create alerts testing the equipment, and operators, and in our next blog you will meet the participants and hear their reasons why they volunteered:

Team 1: Allyson – South Burnette Domestic and Family Violence Coordinator, Queensland Police. [Perpetrator] and Amanda – Senior Social Worker Cherbourg Community Health [Victim]

Team 2: Shanna – Psychologist, CEO, ANZMHA Ambassador, Clinic Trainer, Cognitive Behavioral Education.[Perpetrator and her partner Tristan [Victim]

Team 3: Suzarn – Uniting Community Care, Men’s Behavior Change [Perpetrator’ and Mandy – CADA Women’s Advocate (Men Choosing Change Program) [Victim]