Was the question Attenti put to the audience of Mental Health’s Conference in Queensland last week.

Attenti hosted a unique and highly publicized event, the culmination of weeks of partnership with Mental Health who had called for volunteers to take part in a live trial, and then speak of their experience, and views in this session.

Overwhelmed by Volunteers from Government, Enforcement and Community Services we selected six who took the roles of roles of victims and aggressors.

Those reporting their roles of victims used phrases like, ‘felt watched over’, ‘protected’, and ‘someone had my back’, while aggressors talked of their frustration of not being able to get to the victim.

Victims and their children continue to suffer the fear of violence even after having achieved a Protection Order or ADVO – but all volunteers spoke of Attenti’s equipment together combined with its strong monitoring SOP’s and vigilant operators,  provides a protective solution that enables them to move from fear to freedom.