The reform of the Bail Act 2013 by the NSW Government effective from 22nd June 2022 was in part, a response to heightened media interest in bail matters.

Balancing their care for public safety with care for defendants, not yet proven guilty or innocent but placed in extremely overcrowded remand centres places Government and Courts in a difficult situation.

Electronically monitored bail is the solution that addresses each of these three issues with the added benefit of being a considerable and direct cost reduction to tax payer. It would be disappointing if the new legislation reduced the number of people granted bail or created further delays in the already long waits to secure hearings.

Attenti have global experience in the electronic monitoring of people on bail programs and welcome and support any legislation that ensures a high level of safety and reliability of electronic monitoring GPS equipment and systems deployed.  Electronic monitoring standards that satisfy the Courts provide solutions to public safety, remand overcrowding and the contribution to rehabilitation.