“A safer future is everybody’s responsibility: How we’re continuing our mission for change.”

Do you remember last year we asked Attenti to support our theme ‘Strong Words-Stronger Actions’ by providing their equipment to be tested by our member DV specialists?

This year’s theme focuses on continuing our mission for change and to support this we have entered into a unique partnership with them.


Attenti will provide a programme of equipment and full 24×7 monitoring by their specialist MC staff exclusively to ANZMH member organisations for their use for victims and children in their care. 

They have also arranged for the programme to be backed with:

  • Funding and grant options
  • Specialist project managers for coordination and resource management
  • Independent research and evaluation from a provider with experience in mental health, addictions, and family violence response fields.

Details as to how your organisation can be involved in this programme and qualify for funding and resource will be released in the next few days.


Throughout the year all our members can take a front row seat witnessing this programme unfolding through media, update releases, webinars – culminating in a special presentation at our December conference.


It is a unique and comprehensive programme, underpinned by independent research and evaluation that will benefit qualifying member organisations and contribute to the knowledge of all our members.